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Loaded with over 60,000 buyers, our database gives you titles, brands, specialties, hiring frequency, and more. We've got all the details that matter when building relationships with
new clients.

Know what Buyers want.

Don’t bother marketing to the wrong buyers or sending the right buyers promotions they’ll never see. Our database makes it easy to find the contacts you’re looking for and gives you an edge by knowing exactly how they want to be contacted.

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Always know who’s who.

Our industry changes fast. That’s why our research team makes thousands of calls every month to keep track of buyers for you. And we make it easy to follow these changes so you’re always in the know.

What our users think:

 It was the perfect series of events. I go to ADBASE, get my list...go to Modern Postcard... send out a promo piece... and I end up with a $100,000 job. + John Earle

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