Nelson Nunes

President and Founder, ADBASE

Nelson is President and Founder of ADBASE Inc. Since 1997, Nelson’s experience and passion has driven the industry-leading technological innovations that have become the core of ADBASE’s success.

As a specialist in database-driven applications in the commercial communications industry, Nelson brings insight, as well as a fresh, results-driven approach focused on reinventing the way creatives and artists come together.

In addition to running ADBASE, Nelson also serves as the Chief Technical Officer of the PLUS Coalition, providing technical leadership in their mission to simplify the processes involved in image licensing.

Nelson holds a B. Sc. in Physics and Computer Science from York University and has over 15 years of experience as an application developer, web developer and technical systems architect.

Innovative. Passionate. Dedicated. Painstakingly attentive to detail. That's Nelson Nunes – President & Founder of ADBASE.