Jenny Millar

Communications Manager, ADBASE Inc.

Jenny is a marketing professional with over 6 years experience in both the B2B and B2C arenas. Despite announcing her career plans in the Second Grade as being "Prime Minister of Canada or Tupperware Lady", she instead graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in History and English. She then cut her teeth as an intern at a Toronto boutique agency before moving to the corporate side, where she fell in love with web-based marketing. She now brings that passion to ADBASE, where she can feed her learning addiction by keeping up with all the recent marketing techniques and sharing them with the creative industry.

Jenny is the resident jokester at ADBASE headquarters, where she is pretty sure she spreads good times to her co-workers (we call it something else, but she is sticking with "good times" - ed). She is always willing to do her oft-requested impressions of Carol Channing or Ivana Trump, and thanks her theatre background for her total and utter lack of shame. She is usually always wearing something green, as it's her favorite color. She is particularly fond of her fave green hat, which is a great solution on those bad hair days. She is a connoisseur of red wine, if connoisseur means "buys by the case", and loves to dance to 80s music. When not at work, Jenny enjoys marathon sleeping sessions, and reading or watching TV with her cat, Captain Mittens. Other things she likes include: baking, eating baked goods, laughing, RSS feeds, and hearing about clients' successes with ADBASE. Oh, and she LOVES a good'll find her faves on her bulletin board!