Ian Summers


I believe in diversity. I believe photographers and other artists can present a variety of imagery. They can create this AND that rather than this OR that. This can only work when a photographer gives up marketing the content of his or her pictures and instead, markets the ways they see. My clients discover the thread of vision that stitches their work together.

I share experiences, knowledge and alternatives and help artists explore. I help my clients discover and rediscover who they are and why they exist. My clients learn to use new tools, set priorities, and create and implement plans to manifest their passions. I emphasize that the core concerns of creative minds are not just about a series of tasks to be done. My career coaching methodology is applied to each individual client, therefore no two sessions are alike.

Please call with your questions. The first hour session is complimentary. It allows us time to get to know each other and to see if Heartstorming is right for you.


On-going Think Tank Teams

Over the past few years, many photographers and other creators have participated in Heartstorming Think Tank Team Teleconferences. They meet together in two hour telephone sessions twice a month. In addition members meet with me for a minimum of one hour a month in individual coaching sessions. The facilitated teleconferences function like a think tank. Members present challenges, explore opportunities, and solve problems. Members have stretches between sessions which encourage them to reach outside their comfort zones. Photographs are posted on a private blog.

Coaching Services

Coaching offers you an opportunity for affordable individual consultations. During a coaching session all of my energy is focused on you. Coaching starts out by identifying and usually restating a particular opportunity for your career. Subjects have included portfolio enhancement, identification of new creative projects, sales training, re-invention, promotion and sales training, exploring new market alternatives, etc. We focus on a particular career wants and desires at each session. There are stretches between each session to lead you towards your goals.

Is Coaching Right for You?

We'll find out. That's why the first session is free. Coaching sessions are booked in segments of six hourly meetings. The fee is $200 per hour or $1200 for each segment. Fees are placed on a credit card. The first hour is offered with my compliments. We will get to know each other. I will recommend a specific program for you. Call me to set up an appointment. There are no obligations.

I am also available for:

  • Portfolio analysis and enhancement
  • Picture selection
  • Concept development
  • Promotional ideas
  • Customized seminars
  • Corporate trainings
  • Public speaking
  • Individual consultations
  • Sales and marketing trainings


I have been a lot of things like an art director, creative director, painter, poet, investigative journalist, think tank operator, teacher, and publisher to name a few. I was Creative Director of The Creative Black Book., Leber Katz Partners, and Random House. I have won lots of awards in the advertising and publishing worlds including a Hugo and Nebula, Best Designed Book of the Year from AIGA, and was nominated for The American Book Award. Ian has created and designed dozens of books including Tomorrow and Beyond, Mute Evidence, The Guide to Extraterrestrials, and The Art of The Brothers Hildebrandt.

I reinvented myself, identified my loves, and rediscovered my passion for teaching. I have synthesized all the things that worked in my career and created Ian Summers' Creativity Workshop. Since 1987, thousands of creators who wish to grow, do what they love and prosper have participated in individual and group workshops. In 1994, I developed Heartstorming Adventure Trainings to meet the ever changing needs and desires of artists.

Ian's Posts

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