Frank Meo


Frank Meo was born in Brooklyn, New York and studied advertising at Baruch College. Prior to opening Meo Represents in 1985, a photo agency based in New York City, he worked in advertising for Levine, Huntley, Schmidt, Plaper & Beaver and later, Ally and Gargano.

For 23 years, Meo Represents has specialized in commissioning photojournalists with highly valued commercial assignments. His 15 artists include Ron Levine, Robert Ammirati, Gerd Ludwig, Amy Arbus, Lori Grinker, Ron Haviv and Donna Ferrato. He has worked on hundreds of company photo libraries and campaigns such as “Open” for American Express Small Businesses, Acura Motor Sports, A Day in the Life of a Coast Guard Cutter, and Xerox printers.

Meo is an active member of The Society of Photographers and Artists Representatives (SPAR). He participates on various panels and has taught workshops for the International Center of Photography (ICP), American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP), and Advertising Photographers of America (APA). In 2010 he was a nominator for the ICP Infinity Awards.

Frank is the founder of, a service for photographers who are in need of professional representation.

Frank Meo is an artist. His latest project, Mind Prints, can be viewed at He has presented his work at numerous galleries.