Ethan G. Salwen

Editorial Writer and Photographer,

Ethan G. Salwen is an independent photographer and journalist based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He writes extensively on photography topics and is a regular contributor to a number of national magazines, including the ASMP Bulletin, The Picture Professional, Rangefinder, After Capture and Currents. Salwen is also a past board member of the American Society of Picture Professionals (ASPP).

Salwen's topics about photography include technical how-tos, photographer profiles, best business practices and industry trends. His latest contribution to books includes a number of chapters in the most recent edition of the America Society of Media Photographers' ASMP Professional Business Practice in Photography (Seventh Ed).

Salwen's photographic specialty is Latin American cultures, with a focus on creating socially consciousness documentary images. He also produces travel images, with his stock photography represented by Lonely Planet Images. Over the years Salwen has worked as a freelance newspaper photographer, a wedding photographer and covered documentary assignments in Latin America.

Salwen received his photographic training at Rochester Institute of Technology, earned a bachelors degree in English from New York University and a masters degree in English Education from Columbia University.

Photo Credit: © Gonzalo Ticun

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