• It’s Good to be "Bad"

    Thursday March 18, 2010 by Tiffany Meyers

    Illustrator Penelope Dullaghan on how to cure a creative rut by playing with nature and “ugly” art, and stepping outside your comfort zone.

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  • How to Be Optimistic In a Recessed Economy

    Wednesday April 01, 2009 by Ian Summers

    How are you maintaining an optimistic attitude in a recessive economy? Some wallow in the deep dark doom and gloom prophesies emanating from government, politicians, media and other sources. Some gather in groups to complain.

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  • Summer Assignment: Get Out of Your Studio

    Tuesday July 01, 2008 by Juliette Wolf-Robin

    Your success as an artist depends on your ability to manage a business. It is also critically important, however, that you stay inspired. That is why my marketing advice today is that you step away from the studio. Take time to care for your most valuable asset: your creativity. Make a concerted effort to keep your mind fresh and keep new ideas flowing.

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