Top 10 Insight Articles of 2010

Monday January 03, 2011 by Sarah Jezek, ADBASE

Posted in: Marketing Planning

Welcome to 2011. It’s a new year! A time to make resolutions, set new goals and renew your vows to make the next 12 months a success.

To help you get started, here’s a list of the top read articles from our blog of 2010, with a few more links to articles of similar topics that you may have missed.

  • 1. In Blog We Trust, Tiffany Meyers

     “Apparently, photographers and illustrators don't have enough on their plates already. All the world, it seems, is saying that commercial artists need to start a blog - that self-promotional tool of the century. But do you really? And what exactly will you get in return for the time investment? We asked four commercial artists with blogs to weigh in on the matter.”

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    Other articles about blogging and the internet

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    • Through the Roof: Your Guide to Better Search Engine Rankings, Blake Discher >>
  • 2. Stop Making these Portfolio Mistakes, Ellen Boughn

    “I recently reviewed portfolios at the Palm Springs Photo Festival (PSPF) / PDN event at PhotoPlus Expo 2010. The books were all over the place in effectiveness, quality and creativity and not that different from portfolios belonging to graduating students from a professional art/photography school that I reviewed earlier in the month. Both groups made some of the same mistakes in preparing and presenting their work. Here are the most important lessons from those reviews and my years of looking at portfolios.”

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    Popular podcast interviews that discuss portfolios:

    • Danielle Currier and Larry Volk, authors of No Plastic Sleeves >>
    • Andrea Mariash, senior art buyer at David & Goliath >>
    • Executive Art Producer, Sandy Boss Febbo of Carmichael Lynch. >>
    • Debra Weiss, Creative Consultant in Los Angeles >>
  • 3. Pricing your Work in a Tough Economy, Susan Carr

    “Pricing in a tough economic climate adds an additional layer of difficulty. The downward pressure on photographers' fees has been intense in recent years due to the increased democratization of the service we provide, the new ease of image distribution and the ever-growing availability of free or nearly free photographs.”

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  • 4. What does it Cost? Give the Right Answers to the Right Questions, Maria Piscopo

    “The first step to getting paid what you are worth is a better understanding of the right questions and answers when talking about price. Your ultimate goal is to quote a price both you and the client can live with and profit by.”

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    Additional articles that cover estimates, negotiation and pricing your work:

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    • How to Talk about Money with Clients, Ilise Benun >>
    • Winning Estimates, Rick Colson >>
    • Bid Fair, Bid Smart: How to Win Jobs with Savvy Estimates, Jennifer Kilberg >>
  • 5. The Lazy Creative’s Guide to Marketing, Ilise Benun

    “Recently, I heard Michael Beirut, longtime partner at Pentagram's New York office, give a talk called The Lazy Designer's Guide to Success. Anyone who knows Beirut's work knows he's anything but lazy, and his presentation was very tongue-in-cheek. But as I was listening, I started applying his design-oriented "steps to success" to the marketing of photographer and illustrator services... and they fit.”

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