• Protect & Respect: Why It’s Important to Register Images

    Friday April 09, 2010 by Susan Carr

    Registering images with the Copyright Office makes marketing sense and helps protect you in the digital economy.

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  • Protect Your Rights: An Introduction to Copyright

    Friday August 01, 2008 by Jenny Millar

    With feverish talk all over the industry about the latest Orphan Works bill, this is a good time to bring up the issue of copyright. Are you copyrighting your works to protect your rights? I will outline why this is so important, so if you are unsure of the basics of copyright protection and registration, this article is a great place to start.

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  • PLUS: The Moon Shot of Communicating Usage Rights

    Tuesday January 01, 2008 by Ethan G. Salwen

    It seems that recently I never stop hearing about the PLUS Coalition. But who, or what, are they and why are they causing such a commotion in our industry? As commercial artists yourselves, you are no doubt aware of the complex issues regarding image licensing in this digital age, issues that must be addressed if our professions and livelihoods are to be protected.

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