• Building Relationships with Clients-Beyond the Sales Call

    Saturday November 01, 2008 by Maria Piscopo

    The tone and code of behavior in your client relationships is set from your first contact, through your follow-up and in to your first job with them.

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  • Reinvent Your Vision With Visual Research

    Wednesday October 01, 2008 by Karen D'Silva

    The biggest challenge a photographer faces is how to make a living but still remain creative. How can you satisfy the client's needs but feel like your personal vision is satiated at the same time? In order to fulfill this goal, let's take an inspiring approach and, for the moment, have you envision yourself as a brand.

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  • The Secret to Business Growth: Client Satisfaction

    Monday September 01, 2008 by Jenny Millar

    It costs a lot more to win a new customer than to keep an existing one. Do you make keeping clients a top priority in your business? Do you have retention strategies in place for doing so? If not, then read on!

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  • Buyer's Insights to Power Up Your Fall Marketing

    Monday September 01, 2008 by Juliette Wolf-Robin

    In last month's article, Summer Assignment: Get Out of Your Studio, I wrote that as an artist it is your responsibility to stay fresh. I suggested that you all take time to get out of your studio and seek some inspiration. Well, now that summer is almost over I hope you are ready to power into full promotion mode for the fall.

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  • Preparing a Personal Sales Strategy: The Key to Successfully Approaching Prospective Clients

    Sunday June 01, 2008 by Maria Piscopo

    The Rule of 3 Selling is not marketing. Selling is "personal promotion", all the one-on-one contact it takes to make a sale. Marketing is when you combine selling with such "non-personal" promotions as advertising, publicity, direct mail, email marketing and web sites. Though this article focuses on selling, selling cannot stand alone; a marketing plan that includes selling is required to give you the Rule of 3: Repetition = Recognition = Response.

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  • A Buyer's Perspective: Promotions That Work

    Saturday March 01, 2008 by Katherine Hennessy

    Promotions, do they all work? Do they grab the attention of the creative buyer or editor that you want to attract or do they just sit at the bottom of a pile? Perhaps they end up in the garbage or the good ole' electronic version of SPAM, JUNK or TRASH? Aren't these questions you ask yourself when you are about to execute a promotion? You are spending your hard-earned dollars, time and talent and want to know if it is going to get you somewhere.

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