Heather Morton, Freelance Art Buyer and Consultant

Wednesday, November 04 by Juliette Wolf-Robin, ADBASE

Posted in: Buyer Interviews

Juliette Wolf-Robin meets Heather Morton a Toronto-based freelance art buyer and photography consultant. Heather started as a photo producer and for 10 years has worked with photography in advertising for some of Canada's largest ad agencies. Her blog, http://www.heathermorton.ca/blog/, features the popular "Ask an Art Buyer" Wednesdays. Listen in as Heather and Juliette discuss how the role of the art buyer in Canada differs from the U.S.

In this interview Heather discusses

  • How large Canadian ad agencies handle portfolio reviews and art buying
  • The prospects for photographers looking to work in either market
  • Issues facing the photographer community, including copyright, usage and treatments
  • How to market to Canadian art buyers